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Katie Holmes: ‘Natalie Portman was incredible in Jackie movie’

Katie Holmes was one of Hollywood actresses who played a role of the legendary Jackie Kennedy in the mini-series. But the recent work of Natalie Portman in the TV-series ‘Jackie’ astounds Holmes. She praised loud Natalie for the wonderful work on the character of the most famous FLOTUS.

Katie Holmes fully understands how hard it is to play the role of the first lady of the United States. She performed Jacqueline in The Kennedys, a Canadian-American TV-miniseries. The Reelz Network movie is chronicling the lives of all the family members, the most prominent characters were Jackie and father of Kennedys. Katie Holmes and Tom Wilkinson showed all key triumphs and tragedies they have experienced.

Jackie Kennedy and the actresses in this role

According to Katie, the new movie about Jackie is just exciting, the actress Portman shows how amazing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was and how much she meant to the USA. Katie praised her colleague for an extremely good work on the role:

“I think Natalie did an incredible job, and I’m glad that we both have the opportunity to interpret this character and bring her to life. Although these projects are coming out close to the same time, ours is a different time period in Jackie’s life. You can see both and get something different.”

The fabulous person of Jacqueline is still serving a source of inspiration not only for the cinema world but for the fashion industry and even art. During her life, Jackie made a lot of changes in the fashion, she was titled as the most stylish FLOTUS. Many designers from all over the world are citing Jackie Kennedy’s image and using it as an example of style and elegance.

Natalie Portman has been nominated as the Best Actress, the upcoming Oscar ceremony will show how close the actress went to the Award.