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Kazakhstan to host Astana talks on Syria in mid-December

Kazakhstan to host Astana talks on Syria in mid-December

The next round of the peace talks on Syria will take place in the Kazakh capital city Nur-Sultan in mid-December, TASS reports.

Kazakhstan will host the Astana talks, Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi confirmed on Thursday. The meeting aimed at bringing together the guarantors of the Astana process (Russia, Turkey and Iran), parties to the Syrian conflict and observers.

“The guarantor countries have asked us to organize the next round of the Astana process. Its dates are still under consideration, it will be around mid-December,” Tleuberdi said.

The top Kazakh diplomat stressed that Kazakhstan is currently trying to determine the level of the planned talks, where deputy foreign ministers usually represent the guarantor countries.

The 16th international high-level meeting on Syria, which took place in Kazakhstan’s capital of Nur-Sultan on July 7-8, involved the delegations of the guarantor nations, the Syrian government and the armed opposition.

During the previous round of the peace talks, the parties discussed the situation in the war-torn country, the international community’s assistance to Syria, the prospects for the resumption of the Syrian Constitutional Committee’s activities and confidence-building measures, including prisoner swaps, the liberation of hostages and the search for missing persons.