Today: Saturday, 13 April 2024 year

Kazakhstan to manufacture the face masks

Kazakhstan to manufacture the face masks

Kazakhstan has launched a new factory, which produces the face masks, Trend has learned. A monthly production capacity set on two million medical masks.

The new plant has been launched by the S MEDICAL LLP in the Sayram region of Kazakhstan’s Turkestan region. According to the director, Mazhit Maulenov, the production machines were purchased from China.

Since its start, the workshop is capable of producing up to 2 million pieces of face masks per month. Jobs for 30 people have been created, 80,000 pieces of protective masks are sewn here on daily basis.

Amid the coronacrisis, using the personal protective equipment like masks becomes a must. Finally, Kazakh consumers will rely on the domestic product with no buying masks from the Chinese producers.

In a perspective, within the framework of this large equipment project, it is planned to broaden the kinds of activity. Soon S MEDICAL will manufacture disposable medical and surgical equipment as well.