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Kennedy Jr. said he received many threats.

Kennedy Jr. said he received many threats.

One of the US presidential candidates from the Democratic Party, Robert Kennedy Jr., said that he receives many threats to his life.

“I get a lot of threats, death threats… for example, about two weeks ago, a mentally ill person got on the second floor of my house, and this is very, very common,” he told journalist Tucker Carlson in an interview.

He noted that they gave the Secret Service a multi-page report on the threats they received, including to re-request agency protection.

He previously said that the Secret Service refused a request to ensure his safety as a candidate for the post of American leader, despite the existing “risks” in this regard.

Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who was killed in an open car in Dallas in 1963, and competes with incumbent American leader Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. His father, Robert Francis Kennedy, also died after an assassination attempt during the 1968 presidential campaign.