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Kids with rich grandparents do better in school

Kids with rich grandparents do better in school

Kids with rich grandparents do better in school, there is no need to underestimate the factor of family assets, say the scientists from Sweden. How so?

Kids with grandparents are smarter and do better in the school, says the recent study of Norwegian research scientist Marianne Nordli Hansen. According to the new theory, the Social inequalities related to class, income, occupation and education can clearly influence a child’s performance in school. That’s why the rich grandparents mean more than we used to think.

Ms Nordli Hansen insists on the importance of different factors, not only a level of wealth in the family. The grandparents themselves are important to the kid, they are experienced persons who can explain many secrets of life, can protect and inspire. Of course, richness is another calming and inspiring factor.

“More and more research, like this study, indicates that the grandparents’ assets have the same importance as the parents’ wealth. And when these are accumulated over several generations, it can have an even stronger effect,”

Ms Nordli Hansen says.

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Grandparents are important part of kid’s life

Study’s results show that a family’s wealth has a great impact on a child’s grades. The correlation between the grandparents’ wealth and the children’s performance in school is strong, even when compared to other socioeconomic factors. In fact, the researchers found, ‘old money’ is as important as the family’s educational level.

The researchers used Swedish registers to study family wealth for the period from 1999-2007. These data are for the entire Swedish population, noted.