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Kim Jong Un orders tearing down of South Korean-made hotels at resort

Kim Jong Un orders tearing down of South Korean-made hotels at resort

North Korean leader has visited the world-famous Korean resort, Diamond Mountain, but the South Korean-made hotels disappointed him, TNZ reports. Kim Jong Un has ordered to tear them down, adding these tourist facilities have no Korean character at all.

Mr Kim had visited the resort and described its facilities as “hotchpotch with no national character at all,” the official North Korean news agency said. The NK leader believes that the tourist facilities at the North’s Diamond Mountain resort should be made with a touch of Korean character.

The plan of tearing-down of South Kore-made tourist facilities on the sacred North Korean hasn’t approved yet. Apparently Seoul won’t defy international sanctions and resume South Korean tours at the site.

The report said Kim criticised North Korea’s policies pushed under his late father as too dependent on the South. Mountains are one of the touristic pearls of both Koreas, and one of the dreams of the South Korean leader is climbing Mount Paektu in North Korea with its leader Kim Jong Un.

In 2008, Seoul suspended tours to Diamond Mountain in 2008 following a tragic incident. The South Korean tourist was shot to death by the North Korea soldier.

Resuming the Diamond Mountain resort would be the great economic opportunity for both Koreas. However, it can’t restart inter-Korean economic activities without defying sanctions against Pyongyang, which have been strengthened since 2016 when the North began speeding up its nuclear development.