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Kim Jong Un re-elected as national leader in personnel shakeup

Kim Jong Un re-elected as national leader in personnel shakeup

Kim Jong Un has been re-elected as North Korea’s chairman in a shakeup at the first session of the Supreme People’s Assembly, Guardian reported.

The North Korean country’s ruling personnel decided that Kim Jong Un should be the national leader and the head of the State Affairs Commission, the decision-making body. Charisma, wisdom and political experience are those features that made Mr Kim the perfect rules for North Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s ‘outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom and experienced and seasoned leadership” allows the 35-year-old national leader to hold many governmental, military and ruling party leadership titles. The first election of Kim as the State Affairs Commission chairman took place in 2016.

Another important political appointment is the election of the head of the Council of executive officers  (Assembly’s Presidium) – one of Kim’s top lieutenants, Choe Ryong Hae, landed this job. According to the experts, Mr Choe’s appointment to first vice-chairman of the state commission could allow him to oversee diplomacy with Washington as it gives him control over the inevitable nuclear negotiators.

Since 2011, the first Kim’s ruling year, Choe Ryong has been a rising star who went to China and Russia as Mr Kim’s special envoy. The loyal man has assumed a series of high-profile jobs, including the top political officer in the North’s 1.2 million-member military.