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Kim Kardashian ramps up her security to ‘presidential levels’

Kim Kardashian ramps up her security to ‘presidential levels’

Kim Kardashian, the reality-star, is very concerned about her safety and security, the robbery in Paris last week frightened Kim a lot. This week, the celebrity decided to make her guard service more powerful. Kim is planning to ramp up her security to ‘presidential levels’. 

Kim Kardashian intends to make her bodyguard pool much stronger, like President’s one. The star of reality-show last week became a victim of the terrifying armed robbery ordeal in Paris. After that shocking incident, Kim prefers to be accompanied everywhere by at least two guards. He car is armoured, Mrs Kardashian west will be driven in it around so she can feel safe again.

Kim and her husband decided to employ ex-special service agents who will be heavily armed, according to TMZ. Now, Kim’s security team came under intense scrutiny after it was revealed she had been left without any armed guard – despite flaunting her jewellery on social media.

Kim Kardashian: robbery in Paris

Kim on the eve of the robbery was flaunting in the social networks her jewels. Karl Lagerfeld said that it wasn’t necessary, in fact. After the robbery in Paris, Kim has spoken about how she thought she was going to be ‘killed or raped’.

Robbery team of five men wearing fake police armbands forced their way up to Kim’s apartment at the Hotel Particulier Pourtales.

Kim Kardashian is flaunting her jewelry on social media.

Kim Kardashian is flaunting her jewellery on social media.

Fake policemen held a gun to the head of the concierge and made him open the door of the £25,000-a-month suite of rooms with a master key. That’s how the thieves were able to confront the frightened Kim Kardashian in her luxury bedroom.