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King of Cocaine escapes from Uruguayan prison

King of Cocaine escapes from Uruguayan prison

Rocco Morabito known as King of Cocaine in Milan escaped from the prison in Uruguay on Monday night, The Local Italy reported. The criminal is the boss of the ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia, which controls about 80% of Europe’s cocaine trade.

Rocco Morabito who was awaiting his extradition to Italy was one of the inmates in the prison in Montevideo, Uruguay. Mafia boss was held in the Latin American country since 2017. On Monday night, ‘Ndrangheta boss escaped through the roof of the prison, the local media reported.

In their escape, Morabito and his three associates went through an adjoining house and stole money from their owner, a letter from the Communication Unit of the Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay stated.

According to Interpol, ‘Ndrangheta is Italy’s most feared organized crime gang. It controls more than 80% of the cocaine business in Europe.

Mafia boss escaped from prison in Uruguay: some details

Being escaped through the gap in the prison’s roof, four fugitives landed in the neighbouring private house. “We are from the consortium, we come to fix a pipe,” said one of the men to explain his unexpected presence. But Morabito, perhaps being honest with this woman of about 60 years, told him that he had to leave prison because his daughter was sick.

They stole 3,000 pesos (about 88 dollars), at no time they hurt her. When she called the police to report what had happened, an agent explained: “You, when you are alone, always look inside the wardrobes “.

Morabito had been arrested in Uruguay in early September 2017 after staying for 23 years at large. Who was one of the five most dangerous fugitives in Italy lived in the South American country for ten years with a Brazilian passport under the false identity of Francesco Antonio Capeletto Souza.

In South America, the mafioso capo he was responsible for getting the drug from this continent to the north of Italy, according to the investigators.