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Kremlin: UK must prove Russian role in spy poisoning or apologise

Kremlin: UK must prove Russian role in spy poisoning or apologise

While UK Foreign Office believes Russia is not fooling anyone with Skripal case, Kremlin offers the UK prove Russian role in spy poisoning or apologise. 

The EU countries call for Russia to cooperate in Novichok inquiry but Kremlin isn’t going to do that. First of all, Moscow wants to see the proof of poisoning. Boris Johnson told the journalists in Brussels on Monday morning about that press of the “increasingly absurd” admissions made by the Russian government. The UK top diplomat arrived today at a meeting with EU foreign affairs ministers who call for Russia to cooperate in a nerve agent inquiry.

“Twelve years after the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London – they’re not fooling anybody anymore,”

Mr Johnson added meaning Russia. Met Police have said that challenging and complex’ Skripal investigation could take months.

Kremlin spokesman hits back, accusing the UK of “incomprehensible, unreasonable slander” against allegations, previously made by the British foreign minister, that President Putin had ordered the attack on the former Russian double spy.

“Sooner or later, it will have to account for these baseless allegations, either by backing them up with evidence or by offering its apologies,”

Peskov concluded.

The Russian ambassador in London calls for restraint and “cooler heads”

On Monday, when the world understood that Mr Putin re-elected as Russian President, all 28 European foreign ministers gathered in Brussels. The EU issued a statement expressing “unqualified solidarity with the UK”. But they stopped short of threatening sanctions against Russia and avoided pinning the blame on the Kremlin.

Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador in London, accused the PM Theresa May of deliberately inflaming the situation “to score points at home”. He called for restraint and “cooler heads”:

“This dispute is indeed escalating dangerously and out of proportion,”

Mr Yakovenko told the Mail on Sunday.