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Kyiv thanked Warsaw for the supply of tanks against the backdrop of the grain conflict.

Kyiv thanked Warsaw for the supply of tanks against the backdrop of the grain conflict.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, against the backdrop of worsening relations with Poland due to the export of Ukrainian grain and statements about the cessation of arms supplies to Kiev, said that he had a telephone conversation with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak and thanked Warsaw “for leadership in the tank coalition.”

Recently, after Poland blocked the export of Ukrainian grain and the cancellation of a meeting on the sidelines of the UN Assembly between Vladimir Zelensky and Andrzej Duda, there has been tension in Ukrainian-Polish relations. Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Poland had stopped supplying weapons to Ukraine, as it was actively arming itself. Press Secretary of the government of the republic Peter Muller later indicated that Poland supplies weapons to Ukraine only in accordance with previously reached agreements.

“I had a telephone call with Mariusz Blaszczak, the Minister of National Defense of Poland. I thanked Poland for its leadership in the tank coalition,” Umerov wrote on his page on the social network X.

Umerov, who became head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in early September, did not indicate what topics were discussed during the conversation. He also thanked Poland “for significant assistance” since February 2022.

Earlier, Duda, commenting on the tension in Polish-Ukrainian relations that arose against the backdrop of the embargo on the import of Ukrainian grain, said that Ukraine behaves like a drowning man who clings to everything and threatens to drown those who are trying to help him.