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Kyrgyzstan appoints new PM

Kyrgyzstan appoints new PM

Kyrgyzstan appointed Ulukbek Maripov, 41, as the new prime minister Wednesday. With that move, the long-running political crisis has been closed, Yeni Safak reports.

The newly-elected president Sadyr Japarov has formed a new government last week. Following his victory in presidential elections held on Jan. 10, he resigned as prime minister.

Party leaders who formed a coalition nominated Maripov for the premiership. He was then serving as chairman of the Accounting Chamber, a state auditing institution.

Mr Maripov won a vote of confidence in the polls, which were held to determine the new prime minister and cabinet members. The current government of the Asian country is expected to change one more time after constitutional amendments and parliamentary elections in three months.

The new Kyrgyzstan PM reduced number of deputies

PM Maripov’s first decision was reducing the number of deputy prime ministers from four to one. The top official also merges certain ministries with committees to reduce the number of committees.

Another PM’s initiative is re-establishing the Defense Ministry instead of the Presidency of General Staff after six years.

Thus, Maripov became the 33rd prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary of independence on Aug. 31.