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Lavrov: Moscow open to cooperation with Washington

Lavrov: Moscow open to cooperation with Washington

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed on Friday that Russia is open to any forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with Washington. Despite the rather cold degree of the diplomatic relations, both countries should cooperate to fight the international terrorism. 

Sergei Lavrov during the interview on Friday said that Kremlin is open to any forms of cooperation with the United States. The mode ‘tit-for-tat’ will end, sooner or later, moreover, both countries have a lot of problems that require a joint solution, said the foreign minister.

“Not only our countries but also the entire international community are interested in this,”

Lavrov added.

Sergei Lavrov

Russian and the US should cooperate in Syria and not only

The Russian minister Lavrov said at a meeting here with a group of US researchers of political science. Mr Lavrov said the Russian-US cooperation in Syria, which is not free from problems, is an example of “putting aside differences and focusing on common interests”.

Lavrov said that honest and open cooperation between the two powers will help resolve other issues, including arms-control and anti-terrorism.

“I am sure that the whole world expects this and will breathe a sigh of relief if such an interaction is established,”

he said.

Lavrov said that Moscow does not accept attempts to blame Russia for all negative things in the United States, but it will not dramatize the situation, expecting this stage of bilateral relations to pass and the wisdom of the American people to prevail eventually.