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Leaders of US, Mexico and Canada to meet in Washington on Nov 18

Leaders of US, Mexico and Canada to meet in Washington on Nov 18

Three American leaders will meet personally in Washington on November 18. Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will hold their first meeting to discuss the latest developments, including the COP26’s results.

As the Mexican foreign ministry confirmed, aside from taking part in the leaders’ three-way meeting, the Mexican President would also hold bilateral sessions with Biden and Trudeau.

The meeting will be the first summit of the three leaders in five years, the top Mexican diplomat Marcelo Ebrard said. The three leaders set to address issues including the health crisis and boosting the competitiveness of supply chains in North America. Mexico will also be focusing on economic development in southern Mexico and Central America.

This week, President Lopez Obrador said that it would be “hypocritical” to ignore that the main problem facing the world today is corruption – an issue the Mexican president said has led to an increase in inequality, poverty, violence and migration. He also pointed to the unequal distribution of COVID-19 vaccines globally as an example of exclusion and inequality.