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Lewis Hamilton makes sperm freezing

Lewis Hamilton makes sperm freezing

When formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (31) is in love, with all my heart. And at the Moment his English bulldog Roscoe gets a lot of love from him.

Love Roscoe had to be spayed Recently, but Mr Chen Lewis is so convinced of the genetics of his animal companion that he was before the procedure, the sperm of the dog is freezing. His Name is supposed to be finally worn.

Lewis Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe is even a small Star, because his master taught him a own Instagram Account! He and his dog girlfriend Coco have been nearly 100,000 Followers on Instagram and Hamilton also posted over a hundred snapshots of Roscoe around the globe. To be precise, Roscoe often private jets are flown almost every person on earth. Is it weird to be on a dog jealous?

Lately, the only pictures of Coco were on the Instagram Account. The Fans were starting to Worry. Fortunately, Hamilton brought light into the Dark. Dog Roscoe was in the hospital! Under the newest picture of Big R in the romantic autumn leaves, Hamilton wrote: “Roscoe is excellent. Due to complications we had to castrate him. But since he is the best looking bulldog, I decided to get his sperm frozen. So, I’m going to eventually have his puppies. He has the best pedigree. Both his mother and father were award winning Show dogs. In this way, his genes will live on.“

A of Roscoe & Coco Hamilton (@roscoelovescoco) posted a photo on 10. Nov 2016 at 7:06 PM

Good to know! If you read all of this, one wishes, however, to be just as dearly loved. Yesterday was “I want you to love me like Kanye West Kanye West loves!” today, it’s called “I want you to love me, like Lewis Hamilton Roscoe loves!”.

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