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Liev Schreiber glad of Naomi Watts’ romance with Liam Neeson

Liev Schreiber glad of Naomi Watts’ romance with Liam Neeson

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have divorced last autumn, this split was called the most peaceful divorce of all times in Hollywood. Now, Naomi is dating with the British actor Liam Neeson, that fact is very amusing Liev who is glad that the personal life of his ex-wife is so romantic.

Liev Schreiber was really glad when he found out that Naomi Watts got a new admirer, according to Schreiber, she is worth of the best man on the Earth. Their official divorce in September 2016 was rather unexpected but the ex-spouses kept good and healthy relations. The both are loving parents to their small kids, so Liev and Naomi are keeping in touch with the different kinds of news in their lives.

Hollywood insiders are still wondering why such a good couple, Schreiber-Watts, split so abruptly. There were rumours that Naomi ended her decade-long relationship because of his uncontrollable temper. Ms Watts earlier talked about her issues with Schreiber during an interview with Los Angeles Confidential back in February. She told the publication:

“Relationships are hard whether you’re famous or not. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have to work on it. Being an actor doesn’t change anything.”

Liam Neeson

But now Naomi is dating with Liam Neeson who is a single parent too. His temper is calm and totally different from Liev’s, both actors were spotted in New York, probably, they have managed to bond over their love. So far they haven’t made any public appearances together yet.