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Lockheed Martin gets $30 mln deal to support Aegis Ashore site in Poland

Lockheed Martin gets $30 mln deal to support Aegis Ashore site in Poland

Pentagon’s biggest weapons supplier Lockheed Martin (LM) has inked a $30,6 million U.S. Missile Defense Agency deal modification. Work under a Poland Aegis Ashore Engineering Agent (AAEA) contract will be performed in both Moorestown, NJ and Redzikowo, Poland.

Aegis Ashore in Poland uses a defensive system almost identical to that used on U.S. Navy Aegis-capable guided-missile destroyers and cruisers at sea, Defence Blog reports. After a modification, the complex will expand a defensive capability to meet the latest requirements by NATO.

As Pentagon and LM planned, the contractor will provide Poland AAEA engineering and security support, AAEA test and site updates, risk mitigation support, and continued completion effort for the Aegis Ashore Poland site.

The work will be performed in Moorestown, New Jersey, and Redzikowo, Poland, with an expected completion date of June 30, 2023.

Action plan for AAEA modification in Poland

The Aegis Ashore Engineering Agent is designed to detect, track, engage and destroy ballistic missiles in flight.

The complex at Redzikowo will consist of a fire-control radar “deckhouse” with an associated Aegis command, control and communications suite. Separately, it will house several launch modules containing Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) interceptors.

Once construction is completed, the Aegis Ashore site in Poland will expand a defensive capability that protects NATO European territories, populations and forces against ballistic missiles launched from outside the Euro-Atlantic region.