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London has prepared a plan to save energy with blackouts

London has prepared a plan to save energy with blackouts

London has developed a plan according to which the country’s residents and businesses may face power outages. This “worst-case scenario” is realized in the event of a cold winter and a reduction in energy supplies from Europe

The UK has drawn up a plan that calls for planned power outages at industrial sites and even homes if cold weather is combined with a severe shortage of gas.

The measure is part of the government’s “worst-case” scenario, which suggests the country could face a power shortage of about one-sixth of peak demand even after the emergency start-up of coal-fired power plants, people familiar with the government’s plans told the agency.

Under the plan, below-average temperatures and concomitant reductions in electricity supplies from Norway and France could force London to take emergency measures to conserve gas by shutting off electricity to gas-fired power plants, leading to planned power outages for industry and households. consumers. According to the agency, such a blackout could last four days.

The basic scenario for the development of events does not provide for a shutdown. In the first phase of the contingency plan, the network operator will divert gas flows into the system by temporarily canceling commercial fuel supply agreements.