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London warned of an alleged continued threat of cyberattacks from Russia and Iran.

London warned of an alleged continued threat of cyberattacks from Russia and Iran.

The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) has warned of an ongoing threat from Russian and Iranian hackers who allegedly carry out attacks against individuals and entities in Britain and other countries in order to obtain information.

“The UK warned today (Thursday) of the threat of targeted phishing campaigns against organizations and individuals by cyber actors based in Russia and Iran,” the center’s website said in a statement.

In particular, we are talking about the Russian group SEABORGIUM and the Iranian TA453, which allegedly carried out “separate malicious campaigns” throughout 2022 against a number of organizations and individuals in the UK and other countries in order to collect information.

At the same time, according to the NCSC, the attacks were not directed against the general public, their target was specific sectors such as academia, defense, government organizations, NGOs, think tanks, as well as politicians, journalists and activists.

In this regard, the UK Cybersecurity Center has published a summary that provides basic information about the methods and stages of phishing attacks, as well as methods to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of intruders. The agency called for vigilance, setting a complex password, improving access control, including multi-factor authentication, regularly updating devices, and so on.

Earlier, the UK Post reported that it was not possible to send parcels or letters abroad due to a cyber attack. The British newspaper The Telegraph blamed the alleged “Russian-linked” hackers from the LockBit ransomware group.