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London warned of Britain’s inability to respond to threats.

London warned of Britain’s inability to respond to threats.

Failure to replenish its stockpiles of weapons calls into question not only the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but also the reflection of any threat to its own security, according to a report published by the British House of Commons Defense Committee.

As noted in the document, the UK and NATO allies have reduced their stockpiles of weapons to “dangerously low levels.”

“While Russia is also facing a reduction in its stockpiles, other rivals can maintain and potentially increase their own. Thus, the inability to replenish Britain’s stockpiles jeopardizes not only our ability to replenish Ukraine’s stockpiles, but also to counter any threat to our own security.” , the report says.

As noted, the authorities of the country have recognized that in order to ensure the security of supply chains, London needs to solve the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel, as well as to fulfill significant orders together with allies.

The authors of the report recommended that the UK Department of Defense develop an action plan to build defense industrial capacity and reduce the time needed to replenish stocks.