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London West Ham Stadium: Campaigners welcome investigation into rising costs

London West Ham Stadium: Campaigners welcome investigation into rising costs

London West Ham Stadium arose many questions, the campaigners have welcomed the start of an investigation by London Mayor Sadiq Khan into a £50m rise in the cost of converting WH’s Stadium. In August 2016, the football team moved to the London Stadium from Upton Park. 

London Stadium’s cost has risen from £272m to £323m, and the campaigners are very concerned about this fact. They intend to investigate the inherited issues, including the cost of moving retractable seating. The Olympic Stadium Coalition (OSC) released the statement, which notes:

“We have never objected to the idea of West Ham playing at the stadium; the question is simply one of how much the club should pay, and how much the taxpayer should be expected to fund.”

According to the OSC, the taxpayers shouldn’t keep the intolerable burden, the campaign’s aim is to highlight possible inaccuracy in the cost of London Stadium, which became a home base for the football team West Ham in August 2016.

The FC West Ham United has already a history of playing at the London Stadium, the team having won the right to be anchor tenants for the Olympic Stadium in 2013, played their first game there in August, after 112 years at Upton Park.

The cost of rent of this Stadium for Premier League club is £2.5m a year, after paying a one-off £15m towards the conversion cost. Such a great sport complex cost to taxpayer a lot of money, and people deserved to be made “fully aware” of how much they are paying, assured the Olympic Stadium Coalition in its statement, adding:

“The mayor’s investigation is good new starting point, but it is only a start.”

An investigation procedure is fully covered by Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales, whose borough co-owns the stadium after investing £40m.