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London ‘white goods’ fires and their cost: £118m in five years

London ‘white goods’ fires and their cost: £118m in five years

London and its city’s fire brigade too often are involving into the fighting with  the consequences of “white goods” tumble dryers. All these fires’ cost is more than £118m in the last five years, say the statistics of London Fire Brigade.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) is very concerned with the fire-risk dryers, and Trading Standards chief said that ‘actions needed’ to prevent such an incidents. Since 2011, the LFB had attended 2,072 such fires, in other terms, each one costs about £57,000. This amount covers things such as damage caused and the fire service’s response. It worth to note, during last five years, London ‘white goods’ fires cost £118m.

The fire brigade’s statistic shows that Croydon was the most affected borough, with 114 fires at a cost of £6.5m. The recent fire in Shepherds Bush in August was caused by a faulty tumble dryer, and white goods are classed as washing machines, fridges and freezers.

The firefighters in their official letter offered to London MPs urge to back LFB’s campaign to raise awareness of white goods’ fires. The Shepherd’s Bush’s representative in the Commons expressed concern about the potential fire risk currently posed by white goods and the inadequacies of product recalls.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson support the awareness campaign:

“There is a serious lack of awareness about the potential dangers posed by faulty white goods and manufacturers are lagging far behind when it comes to prioritising fire resistance in their designs.”