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Lufthansa: further declines in ticket prices

Lufthansa: further declines in ticket prices

Deutsche Lufthansa AG anticipates further declines in ticket prices, the second half of 2016 hardly will be more perspective than the first one. The terrorist attacks in Europe have freed too much seating across the airline industry.

Lufthansa’s Chief Executive Officer Carsten Spohr told last week that terrorist attacks are worrying people around the world. That’s why Deutsche AG is going to decline its ticket prices further:

“Yields have fallen to a level we last saw during the financial crisis in 2009.”

Lufthansa is experiencing not the best times, and it is not only terror’s issue. Brexit arose a lot of questions, too. So, AG will further decline in ticket prices. In fact, the loss at the Lufthansa Cargo unit will be its first since 2010 — the time of the recovering 2009 crisis. The predicts for the second half are quite modest: Lufthansa is waiting for at least slightly unprofitable period for its Cargo Unit.