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Macron hosts Merkel for farewell visit: Angela, Bravo!

Macron hosts Merkel for farewell visit: Angela, Bravo!

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday wrote on his Twitter that Frances loves the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Upon her arrival in the French town of Beaune in the wine-growing Bourgogne region, Ms Merkel was warmly welcomed with crowds and even awarded France’s highest honour.

Germany’s Angela Merkel bows out after 16 years in power, and her visit to Paris became a symbol. French President said he highly appreciates Merkel’s contribution to Franco-German relations that has seen her deal with four presidents of France, Macron treated her to a visit to Beaune.

The outgoing German Chancellor accompanied by her low-profile husband Joachim Sauer. The couple was given an eager welcome as she and Macron dived into the crowds and fist-bumped well-wishers shouting “Angela, Bravo!”.

“Bienvenue à Beaune, chère Angela. Frankreich liebt Dich!’ wrote Emmanuel Macron on Twitter on November 3.

For Merkel, Emmanuel Macron is the fourth French president. He gave the German politician the Grand Cross, the highest distinction of the Legion d’Honneur, France’s chief honour.

Despite Macron and Merkel are from contrasting generations, they did a lot for a European defence strategy not dependent on the US. During the years, both leaders are widely seen to have been generally effective partners, most notably jointly spearheading an unprecedented EU rescue package to help economies weakened by the covid-19 crisis.

Merkel, who said she would not serve another term, is expected to leave office in the coming weeks, once a new coalition is agreed following elections won by the left-wing Social Democrats (SPD) over her own conservative Christian Democrats (CDU).