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Macron said he had thought carefully about his statements on Ukraine.

Macron said he had thought carefully about his statements on Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who was criticized after announcing the possibility of sending military personnel to Ukraine, said that all his words on this matter were carefully thought out, the broadcast was carried out on the official account of the Elysee Palace on the social network X.

“This is a very serious topic. Every word that I utter in this context is weighed, thought out and verified,” he said on the sidelines of the opening of the Olympic village.

On Monday, a conference to support Kyiv, convened on the initiative of the French president, was held in Paris. Leaders of about ten countries were invited to it, including Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Following the meeting, Macron said that its participants discussed the possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine, but did not reach a consensus. He added that France will do everything to prevent Russia “from winning this war.”

The next day, the authorities of many European states emphasized that there was no talk of sending military contingents to Ukraine.

Soon the French side tried to clarify the situation. Thus, Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet noted that the presence of Western military personnel in Ukraine will not mean complicity in the conflict. The country’s Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu, for his part, clarified that there is no talk of war with Russia, and that the West is thinking about how else to help the Kyiv authorities is “completely normal.”