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Macron says diplomacy can fix Ukraine-Russia standoff

Macron says diplomacy can fix Ukraine-Russia standoff

French President and German Chancellor have embraced talks with Moscow as a means to de-escalate the crisis. Both nations have expressed concerns about additional sanctions against Russia.

The Western nations believe that Russia would pay a “high price” if it attacked Ukraine, according to Deutsche Welle. To discuss the issue, the German head of the government met with French President in Berlin, with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis topping the agenda.

Both Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron have discussed a coordinated response should Moscow move forward with an invasion of Ukraine. After a joint press conference, President Macron said the two countries are “united” in the need for de-escalation in Ukraine.

“If there is an attack, there will be retaliation and the price (for Russia) will be very high,” Macron said.

The German Chancellor also said a Russian threat to Ukraine’s territorial integrity would be bear “serious consequences” for Russia. In addition, he defended how the German government has handled the crisis. “We have done a great deal to actively support economic development and democratic development in Ukraine,” Scholz commented.

Macron added he would hold phone talks with Russian President on Friday, as part of a “demanding dialogue” with Moscow.

France has also called for a European solution to the crisis, instead of relying on the US. Macron has urged the relaunch of 4-way “Normandy format” talks between France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

Meantime, both France and Germany are aligned on providing both diplomatic and financial support for Ukraine.