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Macron urged the French not to panic over power outages.

Macron urged the French not to panic over power outages.

French President Emmanuel Macron urged compatriots not to panic over possible power outages in the country amid the crisis.

“I see a lot of concern about this, but don’t panic! The government, it is its responsibility, is working out scenarios for getting out of any situation,” Macron said in an interview with the Parisien newspaper, answering a question about concerns about possible power outages.

According to him, if the French will make efforts and stick to the plan of “energy sobriety”, the gloomy scenario can be avoided.
We will survive the winter,” the French president assured.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born on Thursday urged fellow citizens to further reduce energy consumption in order to avoid power outages.

The French government in early October officially unveiled its “energy sobriety” plan, designed to reduce the country’s energy consumption and prepare for a winter without Russian gas. According to this plan, the temperature in the premises of private houses and administrative buildings should not exceed 19 degrees, in warehouses it will be reduced to 16 degrees. Water heaters must be set to a temperature of 55 degrees. In addition, the government may shorten the heating season depending on weather conditions.

The French authorities have also approved a ban on displaying illuminated advertising at night – from 1.00 to 6.00 – and open store doors with the heating or air conditioning on. The time of lighting stadiums before and after matches was reduced by 50% in the daytime, and by 30% in the evening.