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Madagascar opens first herbal medicine factory

Madagascar opens first herbal medicine factory

Madagascar companies are ready to conquer the African continent through the manufacture of herbal medicine, said the island President at the opening ceremony launched the Indian Ocean island nation’s first non-chemical herbal medicine factory.

Andry Rajoelina, Madagascar’s president, believes that the first non-chemical herbal medicine factory is able to boost the production of COVID-19 preventive drugs. According to the president, PHARMALAGASY aims to conquer the whole continent through the manufacture of herbal medicine.

“We are proud to inaugurate PHARMALAGASY, the first national pharmaceutical factory which aims to conquer the African continent through the manufacture of non-chemical herbal medicine,” President Rajoelina echoed in a series of tweets.

Nowadays, Madagascar is the only African nation to have conducted three clinical trial protocols against the novel pathogen. Amid the corona crisis, Madagaskar even launched COVID-Organics (CVO), an organic herbal concoction, claiming that it can prevent COVID-19 and cure patients suffering from the infection.

Madagaskar’s leader said the preventive CVO will also be used to treat dengue fever, bilharzia, stomach aches among others. It was designed in accordance with international protocols, and now PHARMALAGASY will produce COVID-Organics mainly.

Madagascar: Interest in traditional medicine raises in the country

Amid the corona crisis, the Madagascar health care expenses represent 60% of individual income in Africa, because of a deficit in production in the continent which leads to higher prices due to logistics costs. “PHARMALAGASY is great news for Malagasy consumers,” president stressed.

In July, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Africa Centre for Disease Control launched an expert committee to aid African countries in the use of traditional medicine against the novel coronavirus.

“Interest in traditional medicine as potential remedies for COVID-19 is growing in Africa,” Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO regional director for Africa, has confirmed.