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Madonna’s White House comments were ‘taken out of context’, says pop diva

Madonna’s White House comments were ‘taken out of context’, says pop diva

Madonna allowed herself too much on Saturday, during the march against Donald Trump the pop diva said clear and loud about ‘blowing up the White House’. The Secret Service, of course, plans to investigate her claims now. Such turn made Madonna write a long and detailed explanation of her affective appearance. Now, the singer says that her White House comments were ‘taken out of context’.

Madonna made a mistake on Saturday, she said in her feminist speech that wants sometimes to ‘blowing up the White House’. This invective became a subject of interest for the security services because it is about the national security. The Security Service needs to know exactly how Madonna is going to blow up the White House, and the ultimate decision whether or not to prosecute is the decision of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The speech of the pop star on the anti-Trump women’s march was expressing Madonna’s vision of the USA, she was outraged at the election result, telling the crowd of feminists she had thought a lot about Trump and America, and women in it. The singer said in her speech:

‘I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything.’

After such rant, the Secret Service has reportedly said it planned to investigate Madonna’s intentions regarding the White House. Probably, the pop star calmed down from her emotions and could understand very well, what exactly she allowed herself in the front of thousand American citizens on Saturday.

Madonna and Cher before the march’s start to the White House

Madonna called her words a ‘metaphor’

Madonna claims she was speaking in ‘metaphor’ at anti-Trump women’s march as Secret Service investigate, the singer wrote a long and detailed explanation on her Instagram. She wrote she was using a ‘metaphor’ when she said during the Women’s March on Washington that she thought about ‘blowing up the White House’.

Alas, the star’s performance the classic hits, Express Yourself and Human Nature was rather aggressive–she has changed one of the lyrics in the latter song to ‘Donald Trump suck a d***’. If you are brave enough to perform such things, please, be ready to take a responsibility for your own behaviour.

Madonna added in her explanation she was trying to express there are two ways to respond to Donald Trump’s election – with hope or with anger – and said she wanted to start a “revolution of love”.