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Madonna grilled in court over visiting jailed Tupac at Rikers Island

Madonna grilled in court over visiting jailed Tupac at Rikers Island

Madonna’s personal life was never a mystery to the public, her romance with rapper Tupac was one of the brightest ones in the music industry of the 1990s. The pop diva may have secretly visited Shakur in jail after the rapper wrote her a letter explaining the reason why he ended their relationship.

Madonna’s love affair with Tupac Shakur is an interesting subject to the modern media. The handwritten note was penned in 1995 when Shakur was locked up for charges surrounding a sexual assault case and given to Madonna after the two had gone their separate ways.

In 1995, when Shakur was the 24-year-old rapper, he wrote that he had ended a romance with then-already-famous Madonna because he felt that dating a white woman could jeopardize his career.

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Madonna who was really in love with a talented musician and saw the certain perspectives for both them, possibly left her New York City apartment to visit Shakur, who was just a few miles uptown at Rikers Island.

All these details of the personal life of Madonna have halted the sale of the revealing letter and other items, including her ‘personally worn panties’, which are up for auction. In a deposition, Madonna acknowledged that she read and received the letter from Shakur while she was staying at her New York City apartment, according to New York court documents.

But Madonna skirted around the question of whether or not she visited the rapper while he was locked up, stating:

‘I’m not answering that question.’

When the lawyer pressed further on the visitation matter, Madonna curtly responded:

‘It’s not relevant to this letter.’