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Madonna will move to Portugal: her son David can play in Benfica’s junior squad

Madonna will move to Portugal: her son David can play in Benfica’s junior squad

Madonna’s relationships with the son Rocco are still cold but she is ready to do anything for her kids. The pop star is about to move to Portugal for her son David Banda, the kid has the great chances to become a football star, he can play in the junior squad in Benfica.

The 58-year-old Madonna is planning to uproot her family from their New York home, the music icon is going to relocate 3,300 miles to Portugal. The reason for such important decision is the future of her son David, the teenager demonstrates impressive skills while playing football.

Now, Madonna’s adopted son David Banda is the subject of mum’s proudness, this her transformation into a ‘soccer mum’ is the wholescale yet decidedly unglamorous. The fans were surprised that the pop diva wants to become the T-shirt-wearing symbol of suburban America, who spends her life shouting encouragement from the sidelines.

The Queen of Reinvention's latest move might be to transform herself into a 'soccer mom' - a symbol of suburban America

Whatever it be, Madonna is known for her pro-active approach to the life, her power to act, and her ability to cope with any problem. Now it seems Madonna is embarking on her most radical, and unexpected, shift to date.

Madonna, David Banda in Portugal: plans and the future

David Banda recently spent a week at Benfica base in Portugal and his prodigious talents impressed everyone. The friends of the celeb family are really glad that Madonna is ready to leave the scene for her kid.

Madonna has already bought a spectacular £5 million palace in the rolling hills outside Lisbon and is planning to enrol her younger children at the Portugal capital’s £30,000-a-year French Lycée. According to Madonna, a sport is a good thing, but the education is important too.

Madonna has said the 'greatest accomplishment of my life is to be the mother I never knew'