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Madonna’s body in controversial cover for Vogue Italia

Madonna’s body in controversial cover for Vogue Italia

Madonna surprised her fans again, and it’s not about her adoption of the two adorable twins orphans from Malawi. This time, Madonna appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine Vogue Italia in a very provocative style, her lovely one, indeed.

Madonna shared on her Instagram the freshest photo, polaroid by Steven Klein shows as the pop diva flashed her nipples in a sheer black top for this month’s Polaroid issue of Vogue Italia.

Madonna has a very toned body, even being braless she looks amazing, on this controversial photo Madonna wears the transparent silky shirt, the Like A Virgin songstress’ stylists added an opulent diamond necklace. The pop diva is posing provocatively with one finger in her mouth, she wore famous peroxide blonde hair in 1950s-style pin curls.

Madona was delighted when the Vogue Italy offered her such photo set, the pop star immediately decided to pay tribute to Franca Sozzani, the late editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia who tragically passed away in December. Now, the pop star is clearly proud of the end result, she shared it with her fans on Instagram with the caption:

‘Stamped by SK for the Polaroid Issue @stevenkleinstudio for italianvogue. God Bless you Franca Sozanni not only for what you did for the World of Fashion but for encouraging strong Independent Women to take risks!’

The pop icon was really inspired to have the opportunity for co-operation with Steven Klein and the Italian Vogue. Madonna knew very well Franca Sozzani, so the photo set turned into the show of the pop star who tributes to the fashion star.