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Madonna’s son Rocco snaps with pal Brooklyn Beckham in NYC

Madonna’s son Rocco snaps with pal Brooklyn Beckham in NYC

Madonna is glad her son Rocco has a friend, the son of another celebrities, Brooklyn Beckham, is a good example to Rocco Ritchie. This week, both guys were spotted in New York City.

Rocco Ritchie, the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, accompanied his friend Brooklyn Beckham in his trip to New York.At last, the 17-year-old Richie got a clear aim – to become a photographer like Brooklyn. So, now he plans to follow in his best friend’s footsteps and move to New York to study photography.

Another good news for the family is that Rocco will be reunited with his estranged mum who missed the son so much over last 18 months. Madonna has slowly been building up the trust again with Rocco who has been living in the UK with his dad and his new family.

Rocco Ritchie plans to return to the USA

Now Rocco plans to return to New York, where Madonna is mostly based, his return is the most anticipating event of the year, according to Madonna. During son’s long absence, the 59-year-old mum has adopted two new daughters. Reportedly, Rocco is delighted about.

Rocco and Brooklyn’s friendship is the best thing in the lives of both youth, while Rocco is not sure about his further career, Brooklyn knows very well what he is going to do for a living. The son of David and Victoria Beckham is a good example for Madonna’s offspring.

Madonna's son RoccoRocco’s decision has been prompted by his best friend Brooklyn’s move to New York. Brooklyn is like the surrogate older brother Rocco looks up to, Madonna ‘s son wants to study art and film. He also wants to do photography and he and Brooklyn will be doing projects together.

After losing the custody of Rocco last year after a bitter nine month legal battle with lawyers, Madonna is desperate to have son home. Rocco is very close to his step mum Jacqui and Madonna is hugely jealous of that relationship and has tried really hard to be as cool and accepting and low key as Jacqui is because that’s what Rocco really needs.

Madonna, Rocco

Now, everyone in the family is happy about the return of Rocco to the USA, it appears the rift between Madonna and her son has healed and Rocco is keen to start the next chapter in his life.