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Madrid protests against new virus restrictions

Madrid protests against new virus restrictions

In Spain’s capital, Madrid, hundreds of residents have gathered on Sunday against the ner virus restrictions. In particular, crowds gathered in Madrid’s Plaza Colon to protest the mandatory wearing of face masks, The Local Spain reports.

In Madrid, hundreds of people rallied Sunday to protest against the next bunch of restrictions due to virus. Last week, the Spanish government imposed the new set of restrictions to cope with the pandemic.

Sunday crowd was chanting “freedom”, clapping and cheering people gathered beneath a giant Spanish flag that stands in the Plaza Colon in the centre of the capital city in response to calls on social media.

Most of the protesters did not wear any face covering even though it is required by law in public across Spain, which has reportedly seen a surge in COVID cases since it lifted its three-month lockdown measures on June 21st.

Many Spaniards do not believe anymore in virus, according to their home-made placards featuring “The virus does not exist”, “Masks kill” and “We are not afraid”. On Sunday, that street protest drew a variety of attendees, including conspiracy theorists, libertarians and opponents of vaccination.

In fact, dozens of protesters have come from other cities for the rally because they believed governments around the world were exaggerating the number of infections to curb people’s freedoms.

Activists accuse Spain’s government of violating their human rights

As the activists say, the governments are just forcing whole nations across the globe to use a face mask. For any national system, it is very convenient when the people practically locked up 24/7. And the corona gave a universal reason to start the ‘lockdown’ experiment on the global scale. “It’s obvious that they are continuously tricking us with talk of outbreaks. It’s all a lie,” said Pilar from Zaragoza city.

A number of activists cited a slickly edited documentary dubbed “Plandemic” which has been removed from several social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook because it was found to have false claims, such as that wearing masks can cause harm or that vaccines have “killed millions”.

Mask-wearing was initially imposed in early May as a requirement for those using public transport and was later expanded in a country where the virus has killed nearly 29,000 people.

A march comes two days after Pedro Sanchez’s cabinet announced new restrictions to curb the spread of the COVID. Among them is the closure of discos and a mandatory two-metre social distance for smokers.