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Magdalena Andersson became Sweden’s 1st female PM, again

Magdalena Andersson became Sweden’s 1st female PM, again

Magdalena Andersson has been elected head of the government again, for the second time in less than a week. Despite being a nation that has long championed gender equality, Sweden has never before had a woman as prime minister.

Under the national system, a prime ministerial candidate does not need the support of a majority in Sweden’s parliament, they just need to avoid a majority voting against them.

“It feels good, and I’m very eager to start working,” the first female PM told journalists shortly after the vote on Monday.

Last week, Andersson was elected by parliament but she had to resign just hours later – before she even had a chance to formally take office – after the Green Party quit her coalition government.

For Sweden, it’s first entirely Social Democratic government in 15 years, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easier for the Social Democrats to govern the country. In a reality, their government will still be a minority government, with support from only 100 of parliament’s 349 members.

“Like all minority governments, we’re going to try and cooperate with other parties in parliament. We have a long tradition of cooperation, and we’re ready to do what it takes to move Sweden forwards,” Andersson explained on Monday.

The first female PM to meet King of Sweden

The announcement of Andersson’s cabinet is scheduled for Tuesday at 9.30 am, The Local Sweden has learned. Then, she will attend a change of government cabinet meeting with the King of Sweden at the Royal Palace.

That is when the transition of power formally takes place, after which her new government will take up its duties.

Ms Andersson faces a challenging period in the run-up to the next election, scheduled for September next year, which observers predict will be a close race. However, PM is looking further ahead. “I don’t see this as the start of ten months, I see this as the start of ten years,” she said during a press conference on Monday.