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Malaysia’s royal family announced its new king, following previous ruler’s abdication

Malaysia’s royal family announced its new king, following previous ruler’s abdication

Malaysia’s new king was announced on Friday after the royal family did its choice. The previous ruler’s surprising decision was made due to his personal interests, so, Sultan Muhammad abdicated the throne earlier in January.

Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah becomes the new monarch of Malaysia. The 59-year-old royal was crowned today following the unexpected departure of previous king Sultan Muhammad V, who prefer to marry a Russian beauty queen and to plunge into the personal life with no Palace duties.

The Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal confirmed in a statement today Abdullah will rule for a five-year term.

A new king Sultan Abdullah was the previous ruler of the central state of Pahang, the monarch’s time starts on January 31. The Malaysia kingdom has its own tradition regarding the throne succession, so the head of the Pahang royal family was next in line in taking over from the Muhammad V, who is the head of the state of Kelantan.

The surprising abdication of the previous king was caused by personal reasons. The 49-year-old ex-monarch has stepped down after images purporting to show him getting married in Moscow appeared on social media less than two months ago. Since the moment of such an impulsive move, the former king did not formerly reveal any reason for his abdication.

The royal family did not comment ex-king so-called marriage

Malaysia is run under a constitutional monarchy, with the king taking a mostly ceremonial role but abdication happens very rarely. It was the first time a monarch had stepped down before completing their tenure.

The young Russian bride of ex-king is said to have converted to Islam ahead of the wedding. While Palace didn’t comment the marriage, the Russian’s beauty friends insist that was a fake news after all.

In Malaysia, the assent of a king is needed for the appointment of a prime minister and various senior officials, while the monarch acts as custodian of Islam in the Muslim-majority country.