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Malia Obama starts new life in New York

Malia Obama starts new life in New York

Malia Obama has opened a new phase of her life, the elder daughter of the former US president was spotted in New York. Malia this week enjoyed her life as a common US citizen, the girl was spotted in one of the New York museums.

Malia Obama got new status, now she is just a private citizen, who is very interested in the art and culture. That’s why not the daughter of Obama was spotted in the Kerry James Marshall exhibit at Met Breuer Museum in New York.

On January 29, the museum workers immediately jumped on social media, they’ve been posting the low-quality photos of Malia and her girlfriend who came to see the exponents.

Ms Obama, undoubtedly, finds her post-White-House life a very exciting, the 18-year-old girl now is able to attend any event or to pay any visit with no bodyguards around her. In Museum, Malia visited the renown African-American artist’s display, and her presence at the room made others very happy. In fact, people were very proud of the smart and curious Malia who wants to find out more about the works of Chicago-based painter.

Malia ObamaMalia spent eight years in the White House, now she is 18 years old and she is going to start her college years in autumn. After the family left the presidential residence, Malia decided to move to the Big Apple. Ms Obama has a plan to get the internship with The Weinstein Company, owned by the powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

After the internship, Malia will head to Cambridge, MA this fall to start her college years at Harvard.