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Malia Obama’s secret trip to Bolivia and Peru

Malia Obama’s secret trip to Bolivia and Peru

Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack Obama, realised the unexpected trip to Bolivia last November. The awkwardness of this situation is obvious: this Latin American country has a tense relationship with the US.

Barack Obamaэы сhildren are very inquisitive, especially the eldest daughter, Malia. Last year’s end she went to Bolivia nad Peru, and this fact surprised the press. Actually, the purpose of Malia’s visit to Bolivia is the desire to see the beauty of this country and get acquainted with the life of people who live there.

Ms Obama was travelling incognito, only in recent days, after Bolivian journalists broke the story of Ms. Obama’s trip to Bolivia and Peru in November, did the guides realised who’s daughter had been in their care during a five-day trek.

“There was a blond girl and we assumed she was the important one. She was very humble, chatty, spoke Spanish very well. She was mesmerised by the Bolivian landscape.”

the guide of the team, Gregorio Mamani, said in a phone interview.

Malia Obama, 18, was afforded no special treatment during the arduous trek, and performed chores, including cooking, along with her fellows. The trip to Bolivia and Peru was organised by ‘Where There Be Dragons’, a Colorado company that runs educational trips.