Today: Monday, 15 April 2024 year

Man Stabs 3 At London’s Leytonstone Tube Station

Three people have been stabbed by a man Saturday evening with a knife at an east London Tube station reportedly screaming the act is for Syria.

According to London’s Metropolitan Police, the 29-year-old man suspected of the assault was immediately subdued with a stun gun at Leytonstone Underground station and now he in custody. The act is being treated as a terrorist incident.

Richard Walton, who leads the London police’s Counter Terrorism Command, said only one man sustained serious injuries but not life-threatening and the other two have minor injuries.

Walton however denied the report the man screamed Syria and said investigation is treating the incident as suspected terrorism.

He urged people to remain calm, alert and vigilant as terrorism threat is severe and terrorist attack is highly likely.

Leader of opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted describing the incident absolutely shocking.