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Marco Rubio receives another nod

Marco Rubio receives another nod

GOP presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio receives another nod from Senator Deb Fischer. The third-placed candidate on the February 1 Republican Iowa caucus primary has continually received thumbs up for his performance.
The Senator from Nebraska on Monday hailed Rubio as the strongest commander-in-chief in the Republican field.

Fischer joins other Senators backing Rubio

Seven Senators have now come out to openly endorse Senator Marco Rubio for the White House. Marco Rubio picked up support from Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Tim Scott recently and sees Fischer’s support as another big boost to his campaign.

Fischer says Marco Rubio is running a “positive campaign”

Fischer said she supports Rubio for his ability to inspire others and his depth of knowledge on national security. It should should noted that Fischer sits on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

“I know what the challenges are out there that we face, and no one knows these threats better, no one knows the challenges that we have in the world today — the dangerous world we face — than Marco Rubio. That’s why I’m supporting him. He will be a strong commander-in-chief. He will keep us safe. He will keep our country safe. He will keep our families safe,” Fischer told Fox News on Monday.

Fischer also said that she agreed with a point Marco Rubio established during the last GOP debate. Rubio had said that President Barack Obama knows what he’s doing, coming in with his own agenda and not trying to build consensus.

She finally added that Marco Rubio has a pla and was discussing real issues. Fischer said: “Marco Rubio is running a positive campaign. He’s providing this country with a vision, with enthusiasm, with really a voice that shows that we can be better and we’re going to have a better, brighter future in this country. Marco Rubio’s a trusted leader. He’s going to lead us there.”