Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Mark Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam and mic

Mark Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam and mic

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrates the first Instagram’s 500 million users. Mark even shared a special photo, he and his company insist on sharing every picture, whatever you made. BUT. The most recent Mark’s picture that he posted to accompany his joy on 500M users shows interesting details.

Actually, Zuckerberg may not be so keen to share pics of himself at work, Chris Olson pointed out on his Twitter, Mark’s laptop appears to have its webcam taped over as well as mic. According to Zuckerberg, we’re desperate to share, so why he’s so closed?

Mark tapes up his webcam and covers up his mic jack. Maybe, he follows the FBI director James Comey recommendations. Mr. Comey says that taping up your webcam is an easiest and excellent precaution. Often such an archaic methods work extremely well. Old school, guys!

In his Facebook post, Zuck pays tribute to “people everywhere who have opened a window into their world,” however, he personally prefers to keep his own windows closed.