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Martha Stewart: ‘I’m voting for Hillary Clinton’

Martha Stewart: ‘I’m voting for Hillary Clinton’

Martha Stewart is supporting Hillary Clinton, the businesswoman on the Election day will vote for Democrats candidate, not for Trump. As Mrs. Stewart said, this is the most important election of the last hundred years.

Martha Stewart is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, that’s why she intends to give her voice for Hillary Clinton. During the Sunday interview to CNNMoney, Martha stressed that Americans have to be very certain that we elect a right person. The next President should have an experience, knowledge, a base of education in the world of world politics, as well as domestic politics. And Martha Stewart believes that Hillary will become the first female president of the USA.

Both women, Hillary and Martha, became a very powerful rich persons, thanks to their personal diligence and persistence.

Martha Stewart in 2006 worked together with Donald Trump in one of the show, and his behavior she finds ‘unforgivable’.

“There is so much to know and so much to learn and so much diplomacy and kindness and introspection that goes with that kind of job. And it does not exist in the world of Donald Trump.”