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McCarthy intends to stop wasteful US spending.

McCarthy intends to stop wasteful US spending.

The new speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, said he intends to stop Washington’s “wasteful” spending and the growth of the country’s public debt.


Members of the US House of Representatives, following the results of the 15th round of voting held on Saturday night, elected Republican Kevin McCarthy as the new speaker, putting an end to a four-day debate that did not allow the House to start working in a new composition.

“There is nothing more important than enabling American families to live and enjoy the life they deserve. Therefore, we are committed to stop Washington’s wasteful spending, lower the prices of food, fuel, cars, housing and stop the growth of public debt,” McCarthy said at the meeting in the House of Representatives.

He said Congress should come out with a unified voice on “long-term challenges” such as debt and “the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.” McCarthy added that a bipartisan special committee on China is planned to figure out how to reclaim “the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have gone to China.

The post of Speaker of the House of Representatives is considered the third most important in the United States. Without his appointment, the work of the chamber remained paralyzed for four days, since legislators could not take the oath and, as a result, move on to the legislative process.