Today: Friday, 12 April 2024 year

Meg Whitman: Carly Fiorina- Unqualified to Lead America

Meg Whitman, current head of Hewlett-Packard Company has expressed her doubts on the ability of Carly Fiorina to become the next president of America. Fiorina, who was the former HP executive, failed to obtain support from Whitman.

Whitman laid some constructive criticisms as to why Fiorina is not capable of handling the very top position of the government. In her assessment, Fiorina lacks the skill and experience in being involved in politics. Furthermore, she said that business experience is important, however, having definite understanding about politics is a crucial criteria for the president position.

Having been the HP CEO for 5.5 years, Fiorina was not highly celebrated as indicated by her performance assessments, of which most are negative, Bloomberg reports.

Fiorina already has an advantage of having business experience, however, having someone who possess both business and political strengths is more qualified. To Whitman, Fiorina’s past record at HP is not enough to take her to the highest position of the country.

Fiorina is very confident in expressing her credibility to run for president with her expertise in running one of the world’s huge tech companies. However, Whitman emphasized the need to have a firm background in politics, saying, “I think it’s very difficult for your first role in politics to be president of the United States. I think having experience in the Senate or as the governor of a state is really important. It’s just hard to be dropped down in Washington, D.C. never having experience in politics before.”, CNN reports.

Whitman had stand up for Fiorina in the past from the criticisms and issues surrounding employee dismissal during her supervision. And now, both of these CEOs have parted ways.

No matter what people say, Fiorina stays strong to her goals, engaging in this massive political battle. Fiorina, being the first woman to run a huge company, and the only woman to in the Republican arena, would likely demonstrates her determination to win.