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Meghan Markle quits her Reitmans ambassador role

Meghan Markle quits her Reitmans ambassador role

Meghan Markle’s life has changed a lot after her meeting with royal, now, the Suits star is ready to quit not only the cinematographic career but her Reitmans ambassador role, too.

Meghan Markle has the high-profile, her face and figure are rather popular, especially after the rumours of her direct connections to the British royal family.

Last week, the Canadian fashion store Reitmans offered Meghan Markle to give her name to a range of sexy, skin-tight clothing she has modelled in a variety of sultry poses. Harry’s love interest has abruptly quit her lucrative role as the brand ambassador.

Such an unusual behaviour of the Suits star caused the fever speculation that the actress is realigning her public life in preparation for an engagement to Prince Harry. In fact, the Canadian brand offered a large sum in December to renew Ms Markle’s contract but surprised Reitmans by refusing to sign it. Why?

Meghan Markle has abruptly quit her lucrative role as Reitmans brand ambassador Meghan Markle, the 35-year-old biracial actress, has designed two eponymous collections, a Spring range released last April and a ‘vegan leather’ collection, only released in November and on sale until recently.

Probably, the skin-tight leather trousers ad is not an especially right item for the possible fiance of Prince Harry. As well as the Reitmans sexy faux-leather pencil skirt and a ‘boyfriend shirt’ don’t suit to Harry’s girlfriend.