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Meghan Markle won’t spent this Christmas in the circle of royal family

Meghan Markle’s Christmas isn’t crossing with Prince Harry’s one. The new girlfriend of the red-hair royal is not invited to the royal family’s private Christmas celebration this year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will spend upcoming Christmas in their own families because the actress didn’t receive an invitation to spend the season holiday in the circle of the royal family. No Queen Elizabeth II, neither brother William with Duchess of Cambridge approve Ms Markle yet. In fact, royal family even doesn’t meet with next girlfriend of jovial Harry.

The absence of Meghan Markle in the family celebration has dictated by the protocol of Buckingham palace. Harry knows perfectly the rules of the royal family: he knows that until they get engaged, Meghan will not have a place around that Christmas dinner table. The same was true for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

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Royal family and rules of conduct in palace

Prince William was courting Kate Middleton a long period of time, but she had to wait 10 years until she was invited to Sandringham (the senior members traditionally spend the festive period at that place, Queen’s residence in Northfolk). The dating of Harry and Meghan is just starting, have only been dating for a few months. So, there’s no need to accuse the queen in cruelty regarding Romeo and Juliette, Elizabeth II has not stolen Christmas, she just follows the rules.

They follow the German tradition and open presents on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day itself, the family goes to church in the morning and then they go back to Sandringham House for lunch and to watch, of course, the queen’s speech in the afternoon. And then really the family are left to enjoy themselves — to play games, and on Boxing Day, there is that famous shoot that most of the senior members of the family take part in.