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Melania Trump and the politics of airbrushing

Melania Trump and the politics of airbrushing

Melania Trump never dreamed of being the first lady of the United States, probably she never was thinking her official portrait will be so airbrushed as well. But people want to know exactly, was that the politics of airbrushing?

the human eye is able to differ the fake and the real picture of the human face. Looking at the portrait by classical painter, the eye is getting pure satisfaction because of the naturalness, every face breathes with the life. Melania Trump’s portrait looks like a fake of the fakes, airbrushed to the unbelievable level.

Of course, Mrs Trump’s official portrait is a soft-focus fantasy, that’s the point. The White House corridors are full of different portraits but Melania’s one is the most artificial and unnatural. Pity, she is an attractive woman!

 Melania Trump
Perhaps the first lady was just photographed through a lens smeared with Vaseline? Not, it was the wrong guess, look at it: the hair is in sharp focus, Melania’s face is not. The Americans disliked the face on this portrait, it unashamedly was given over to a doll-like perfection in this image taken by celebrity and fashion photographer Régine Mahaux.
Glamour shots are still a thing, probably, Melania ordered this kind of the portrait, she is ex-model who used to use a lot of filters.