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Melania Trump begins to embrace new role as First Lady as her popularity soars

Melania Trump begins to embrace new role as First Lady as her popularity soars

Melania Trump is not Michelle Obama, she needs to prove her ability to be a real White House hostess. In March, two months after an inauguration, she is slowly starting to embrace her new position as the First lady as her approval ratings soar. This alarming signal made Melania hurry up and to take on more roles at her husband’s side to keep the Americans’ approval.

Mrs Trump wasn’t ready to hold the position of the FLOTUS immediately, she held her first big luncheon at the White House in March only, the event was dedicated to an International Women’s Day.

Why was Melania so busy during these two months after an inauguration? She and Donald lived separately because of their son Barron who lives with mum in New York while President’s residence is in Washington, DC. Melania Trump needed a certain transition period to keep the things together, and now, the ex-model is taking her first steps into her very public new role.

Melania Trump as the FLOTUS: approval rating raised up to 52 percent

Americans seem to be thrilled that their first lady’s has reemerged into the spotlight, as Mrs. Trump’s popularity has seen a dramatic spike since inauguration day in late January.

Melania Trump's support has more than doubled since last February, when her husband was starting to gain steam as a politician in the GOP primaries 

The first lady invited for the IWD luncheon the group of high-powered women including ambassadors, Cabinet members, at least one U.S. senator and stepdaughter Ivanka Trump. These ladies joined Melania at the White House, she strode into the State Dining Room for her first solo White House event after an announcer intoned:

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump,’

and was greeted by the all-female group of about 50 people.

Melania Trump has begun to embrace her role as first lady. She helped plan their first big White House social event, an annual, black-tie dinner for the nation's governors