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Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron met again in the White House

Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron met again in the White House

Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron looked like twins with their bare tanned legs and black heels, the presidents’ wives stepped out on the White House lawn together. The photo of two presidential couples is one of the stylish in the history, the experts say.

Mrs Trump opted the short dress and killer stiletto heels, the same did Emmanuel Macron’s wife whose fashion signature is always short dresses od skinny trousers. The 65-year-old Brigitte joined her husband in the US for their three-day state visit to the country. Meanwhile, Brigitte defied her age in a cream coat which stopped some way above her knees. Her coat had a black ribbon detail at the side which added a chic touch, and deep pockets.

Upon arrival to the United States, the first lady of France opted for a bright pink coat to protect her from the winds, adding a pop of colour to her outfit. The classic look was offset with a crisp white shirt and black skinny jeans to show off her svelte figure. Black heeled pumps and black handbag finished off the look of the first lady. The minimalist jewellery is another fashion signature of Brigitte Macron.

To meet Brigitte and Emmanuel in the White House, Melania Trump wore a black cape style coat which came to midway down her thigh. Both presidential wives walked behind their husbands on a public appearance to plant a tree near the West Wing of the famous political building. Melanian and Brigitte showed off stunning long tanned legs as they walked alongside each other in sunny Washington DC.

Mrs Macron’s cream coat with the black ribbon looked great beside Melania’s black cape style coat. No need to say that both wives of the presidents are the most stylish ladies of their countries.