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Melania Trump: dancing with the Mexican sergeant made a lot of noise

Melania Trump: dancing with the Mexican sergeant made a lot of noise

Melania Trump and the U.S. Army Sergeant Medina had a tour of dance during the inauguration “Salute to Our Armed Services Ball” in Washington. This dancing made a lot of noise in the Mexican media indeed.

Melania Trump’s dance with the Hispanic officer Medina becomes an internet sensation as well the Donald Trump’s singing the song ‘My way’. The Puerto Rican soldier had a great opportunity to dance with the first lady of the United States and, according to him, they had a short and nice chat while two-minutes dancing.

The Puerto Rican newspaper, Primera Hora, said that Hose medina confessed he asked Melania whether it was true that she didn’t want to live in the White House. Medina said:

“She said that she would spend the first night there, because it was tradition. But then she would be living constantly in New York, until her son finished his studies.”

The officer Medina, 29-year-old sergeant, commented his unbelievable dance with the first lady:

“I can hardly believe it. I found out before the New Year and I had like three weeks of nerves. But I had a great time. It is such an honour to have had the privilege of dancing with the first lady. I had to steal the show and give her a twirl!”

Medina and Melania Trump

The soldier, who entered the army in 2008 and spent a year in Iraq, said that he was chosen by his superiors. For the officer, it was a great honour to be present at the inaugural ball in Washington, DC and to lead the First Lady in their dance. Undoubtedly, such moments are remembered for a lifetime, this dance has inspired the US officer Medina to further serve the United States and protect the country’s constitution. This was stated by himself American officer in his interview to newspaper Primera Hora.